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Cadillac XT4 Teased Hours Ahead Of Its Academy Awards Appearance


Cadillac will reveal more of its new compact crossover tonight.

Although it’s slated to make its first official public unveiling later this month at the New York Auto Show, Cadillac has announced its all-new XT4 crossover will appear before the world tonight during the Academy Awards telecast. It makes sense considering Cadillac is one of the event’s official sponsors. Just ahead of that debut Cadillac has released a few XT4 teaser images and, yes, the overall shape is very Cadillac, with a resemblance to its bigger sibling, the XT5 (also pictured here).

However, the XT4 will face off against the likes of the BMW X3, so obviously this is a very important new model for the New York City-based luxury brand. Cadillac will show three commercials, with the first being a 60-second long segment called “Future Is Here,” showing both the XT4 and its Super Cruise autonomous driving technology.

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The second spot, called “Future Cars,” specifically showcases Super Cruise hands-free driving. If you recall, Super Cruise debuted last year in the CT6 sedan. The third and final commercial will also last 30 seconds and is set to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” previewing the compact XT4 even more. We were told at Detroit last January that the next few years, starting in 2018, will see lots of new product being launched (and perhaps a few sedans being eliminated completely due to slow sales). It all begins in the Big Apple and will continue to go at full speed from there.