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Cadillac XT6 Continues To Disappoint

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Except in the design department, if the XT6's looks are your kind of thing.

When Lincoln revealed the revived Aviator, the entire automotive industry seemed to shout, "Wow! Lincoln is back!" The Aviator was a tough act to follow, so when Cadillac revealed its new three-row midsize crossover, the XT6, the industry let out a lackluster "meh." Unlike the Aviator, which is based on a new rear-wheel-drive platform and offers an available twin-turbocharged V6 engine with 400 horsepower, the XT6 makes do with the same front-wheel-drive underpinnings as the smaller XT5 and features a carryover 3.6-liter V6 producing 310 hp.

Things didn't get much better for Cadillac when pricing for the XT6 was revealed and it turned out to be around $1,500 more than the Aviator (though the Aviator is far more expensive when fully optioned). EPA fuel economy figures for the Aviator haven't been released yet but the XT6's figures have, and things don't look so pretty in that department when you compare them to the competition.

The most fuel-efficient XT6 is the FWD model, which is rated at 18/25/20 mpg city/highway/combined. Opting for AWD lowers the city and highway ratings to 17 and 24 mpg respectively but the combined figure remains at 20 mpg. These numbers don't bode very well against other three-row luxury SUVs in the segment. The Audi Q7 averages 21 mpg combined and the Acura MDX, Infiniti QX60, and Volvo XC90 all average 22 mpg combined. The XT6 does have the MDX and QX60 beat on power but the Q7 and XC90 both have the Cadillac beat in their mid-engined trims.

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The Cadillac would be able to make up some ground if it were significantly less expensive than its competitors, but it's actually more expensive than most of the options listed above. Now that pricing and fuel economy have been released, it's easy to see that Cadillac is running out of categories in which to make the XT6 stand out from the competition. Perhaps when the Aviator fuel economy numbers are released, the XT6 can claw back some ground.