California Cops Pretend To Be Homeless To Bust Distracted Drivers


They barely tried and still busted a ton of drivers.

Normally stories about undercover cops involve danger and action. This is not that kind of story. Four cops in San Bernardino, California, went undercover as panhandlers in an attempt to bust distracted drivers. Now that sounds smart, but wait for the kicker. These officers weren't dressed in rags or holding creative signs. The two photographed actually look quite normal and their signs even say that they're cops looking for distracted drivers! Despite the dead giveaways they still busted a ton of folks.

The operation lasted four hours and resulted in 33 cell phone tickets, 15 seat belt tickets and a whopping five cars impounded for either driving without a license or on a suspended license. Being a cop isn't easy but it helps when the people you're trying to bust are too dumb to read a warning sign.

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