California Cops Publically Roast Driver Who Crashed McLaren 720S

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It pays not to drive like a moron.

If you think about all the spoiled brats on Instagram and YouTube who buy expensive cars with their parents' money, you get the impression that most of these cars are bought for attention. With outrageous wraps more important to the average socialite than advanced driving courses, it's no surprise that so many supercars end up being consigned to the junkyard. Rear-wheel-drive cars like the McLaren 720S are especially prone to accidents in the hands of the uninitiated, and because they're exotics, you get a lot of attention when you screw up. But if you stay in central LA, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) may draw even more attention to your plight.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, the CHP Central LA said: "When you rent a McLaren 570 ?? & decide to race a Lamborghini ?? on the US-101 & crash ! Next time you should consider getting the rental insurance ! Luckily no one was seriously injured."

CHP Central LA
CHP Central LA

The CHP highlighted the stupidity of the drivers who crashed a McLaren 720S - which the Twitter account erroneously refers to as a McLaren 570S. In the case above, things are made worse by the fact that the driver of the crashed McLaren didn't even own the car. Instead, it was rented, and this could explain why the driver didn't have the skills to handle his illegal street race against a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. What's worse is that it appears that he didn't opt for the added cost of insurance, so how he'll pay for this unfortunate incident may present some challenges.

No further details on the speeds he was doing or the circumstances around the crash have been provided, but at least that carbon safety cell did its job perfectly and no serious injuries came about as a result of the crash.

CHP Central LA
CHP Central LA

While the cops gave the driver and his companion the courtesy of blocking out their faces with emojis, people who get behind the wheel of a car without the necessary skills are usually the first to brag about getting to drive such exotics. So although identities have been protected, we're sure that all the driver's friends and family are, by now, well aware of his monumental faux pas. Here's hoping that this tweet from the CHP will bring attention to how stupid racing in traffic is, and hopefully the public shaming will sober this individual up. Alternatively, if you crave instant attention at the cost of all else, just wipe out on a California highway and the police will do the rest for you.

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