California Now Wants To Ban New Gas Cars Even Earlier

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It's not official. Yet.

It's been almost one year since the state of California dropped an auto industry bombshell. On the hood of a brand-new Ford Mustang Mach-E, Governor Gavin signed an executive order banning the sales of new combustion-engine vehicles beginning in 2035. The federal government was taken by surprise and didn't react too kindly. Fast-forward one year and there's a new White House administration that sees eye-to-eye with the Golden State on most environmental issues. It's not opposing that 2035 ban but it might have a problem with some state Democrats' newest proposal.

Via Electrek, the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party has unanimously adopted a resolution calling to bump up the new gas car ban by five years to 2030.

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The cities of Los Angeles, Oakland, and Berkeley have already passed similar resolutions. In addition to the new date, the resolution demands a reduction of C02 emissions by 45 percent from 2010 levels. We must stress this isn't a done deal just yet as it requires the approval/signatures of the governor, the state Senate President, and Assembly Speaker.

If it were to pass (and it very well might), then several other states could follow - just like the last time. The Washington State legislature, in fact, already attempted to pass a 2030 new gas car sales ban but was vetoed by the governor.

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All told, 12 US states have since passed a 2035 ban, including New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Mexico. Several European countries are also considering a 2030 ban but the EU as a whole has decided on 2035. The Biden administration has already declared its goal of 50 percent zero-emissions sales by 2030. Major automakers including General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis, have given the plan their full backing.

But California's outright ban in just over eight years' time is something else. Those automakers aren't expected to be prepared in time. California is the most populous US state and not being able to do business there is an unacceptable situation.

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Source Credits: Electrek

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