Callaway Celebrates Corvette Love Affair With 35th Anniversary Edition

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Helping to make Vettes better since 1987.

Chevrolet and Callaway have a long and hallowed history, and the two companies share an especially tight bond over one car in particular: the Chevrolet Corvette. Callaway has been tuning and improving these cars for decades, and has delivered some timeless classics such as the Callaway C12, Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette, and the most badass 'Vette of them all, the Sledgehammer. Callaway has been working hand in hand with Chevrolet to make the C8 even better, and now it's celebrating its long-standing relationship by introducing the B2K 35th Anniversary Edition package to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Regular Production Option (RPO) B2K Callaway Corvette program.

Callaway Cars Callaway Cars Callaway Cars Callaway Cars

The RPO B2K was first issued back in 1987 for the Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette, and 25 years later for the limited-edition 25th Anniversary Callaway Corvette. And now it's back and packed with some seriously tasty features.

The B2K 35th Anniversary Edition includes standard features and packages such as the Callaway Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic Group that adds a carbon-fiber front splitter, rocker panel extensions, a slot gap rear spoiler, and a carbon fiber diffuser assembly. To make the fantastic-sounding C8 Corvette sound even better, the B2K package also includes a Callaway Double-D exhaust system made of T304 stainless steel and weighs 40 lbs less than the stock system. The final exterior styling change is a set of gorgeous fully-forged wheels that save a further 26 lbs.

Callaway Cars Callaway Cars Callaway Cars Callaway Cars

The interior also gets a good seeing to and features Callaway anodized door sill panels, embroidered floor mats, and billet pedals. Smaller details include a serialized, leather-bound certificate of authenticity, and a Callaway three year/36,000-mile warranty on all Callaway Corvette components and GM components that are affected by Callaway components. Additional options include Callaway factory, National Corvette Museum, or Thompson Speedway delivery. Buyers are also offered custom exterior finishes such as Black Chrome double-D exhaust tips, a Chrome side Callaway emblem set, and Ceramic Polished or Black Chrome wheel finishes. So what does the whole deal cost you may ask? A trifling $34,960. It might not add any power or notable performance upgrades, but you're guaranteed to stand out from the rest of the C8 crowd, and who doesn't want "Callaway" plastered all over their 'Vette?

Callaway Cars Callaway Cars Callaway Cars Callaway Cars

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