Callaway Finally Builds The Corvette Shooting Brake We've Been Waiting For

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The main question is, how functional is it really?

With talk of a mid-engined Corvette reemerging and finally showing some signs of coming true, it seems that GM has entered an era where it feels more comfortable changing up the body styles of its flagship cars. Where as Mercedes will slap four doors on the AMG GT if it means more sales, Chevrolet and other American automakers have been adamant about altering their recipes too much. Good thing a tuner like Callaway is here to shake things up a bit.

Just as it had promised in the past, Corvette tuner Callaway took one of America's most iconic sports cars and built a body kit for its rear, enabling it to be turned into a shooting brake. The conversion can be done by Callaway facilities in Connecticut, California, or other authorized partner retailers and will set a Corvette owner back a not so small sum of $14,990 in addition to the price of the 'Vette. That's without taking into account the extra $2,980 it costs to have the new rear end painted to match the Corvette's body. The conversion kit includes a carbon fiber rear spoiler and can be added to any model of C7 Corvette including the Stingray, Grand Sport, and Z06.

The main problem we see is that the new wagon rear doesn't seem to accommodate a whole lot of extra room over the standard Corvette, meaning that the modification is more cosmetic than functional. Coming in at $17,970 including the cost of the paint job, that makes it a hugely expensive upgrade for a part that has no function aside from helping a Corvette stand out at a car show. Admittedly, we don't hate the design but it's also no looker like the Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake rendering or the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, trading the rounded rear element of those cars for a squared off design more in line with the Corvette's rear end design. At least Corvette owners now sort of have a competitor to the new Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate.

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