Callaway Planning Corvette Stingray GT3 Racer

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It's official: Callaway will once again build a GT3-class race going version of the new Corvette Stingray.

It's only just arrived in dealerships and some of the world's top-rated tuners are already making big plans for the new 2014 Corvette Stingray. One such tuner is Callaway, or more specifically, Callaway Competition of Germany. The company has just announced it's begun work on a GT3 race car based on the C7. Because the car doesn't exist just yet, Callaway has released these initial renderings of what the final car could very well look like.

Callaway and Chevrolet have had a good relationship for several years and the former built a GT3 version of the C6 Corvette. It went on to become the most successful Corvette team in GT3 racing, having won several drivers and team championships. Earlier this year, Callaway surprised us all when it unveiled a shooting brake variant of the C7 called the Stingray AeroWagon, a $15,000 conversion that will soon go on sale.

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