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Callaway's Vette Wagon Gets Production Nod

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For when the Ferrari FF is just too expensive.

Last March Corvette specialist Callaway released a rendering of what it called the AeroWagon Concept, which was basically a shooting brake version of the all-new Chevy Corvette Stingray. Some liked it, others loathed it, but it was certainly an interesting idea nonetheless. At the time, Callaway hadn't decided whether or not to proceed with the project, but sources are now claiming that approval for it has recently been given. This new rear hatch design is actually more intricate than you may think at first.

Composed of carbon-fiber structural elements that are developed using a Resin Transfer Molding process, the new hatch is both strong and lightweight. Performance won't be affected significantly. Callaway has confirmed the hatch modification kit and process will cost owners $15,000, with an additional $1,500 for matching body color. Callaway is also offering another package (minus the AeroWagon kit) that costs $22,995. It adds a supercharger, intake and exhaust systems, unique interior and exterior badging, and floor mats and sill panels. Top speed will be just over 200 mph.

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