Calling All Five Fans Of "Top Gear America": Rutledge Wood's Custom Civic Is On eBay

For Sale

Here’s your chance to own his bonkers Civic wagon.

With the UKversion of "Top Gear" receiving a complete overhaul, the American variant of thegreatest motoring show on the planet is looking a little bit better. For fans of the American version, Rutledge Wood is the zany, quirky and car-loving host that youwould expect to drive a ridiculous vehicle off set. The host’s custom-built1983 Honda Civic wagon has just appeared on eBay and is a true representationof his personality. In other words,it’s the craziest thing you'll see today.

Wood collaboratedwith Charles Warren, former owner of Mainstream Performance, to turn what was apedestrian, daily driver into a true showstopper. The wagon features some extremelyvibrant colors that are sure to grab anyone’s attention. The body wears Nissan’s“Tank Green” paint, while the engine bay is adorned in a cherry blossom hue. Ohand the craziness extends into the interior with Celery Green vinyl, which isaccented by tartan plaid cloth.

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Underneath thehood lies a B18b engine from a 1996 Acura Integra that has been tuned to produce130 hp. To complement the vehicle’s sense of oomph, the Civic wagon sits on Eibachsprings in the front, lowering blocks in the back and features 15-inch Enkeiwheels.There’s a ton ofother features that we could rave about, but you get the idea: This is aone-of-a-kind ’83 Civic wagon that no one will be able to replicate. Bidding iscurrently at $8,500, which is a steal for a vehicle with this much work on it. Howmuch would you be willing to pay for this one-off Civic wagon owned by Woodhimself?