Calling All Hackers: Tesla is Hiring

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The EV automaker is looking for 30 full-time pro hackers to stop bad guy hackers.

We live in the cyber era now, a fact that makes any computer system vulnerable to hacking. For governments and corporations across the globe, cyber-attacks have been, and will continue to be, a major issue. And now that the 21st century car is becoming increasingly computerized, automakers are being forced to read the writing on the wall. Perhaps it's Tesla that understands the issue at large best because it has the most to lose. Its Model S and upcoming Model X are both high-tech machines with computers running just about everything.

Not to mention having an internet connection in every one of its cars. Having a Tesla hacked would be a major headache for owners, to say the least, and a huge embarrassment for the company. In order to prevent that, Tesla is planning to hire up to 30 full-time professional hackers. It wants these people to seek out security holes in the EVs in order to prevent the bad guy hackers from taking control of everything from the car's navigation and infotainment to the door locks. A recent hacking event in China exposed a crack where a hacker took control of a Model S's sunroof, lights, and horn.

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