Cam Shaft Power-Boosts the Ferrari 458 Italia

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The German's have given the Italian supercar a fresh look and a bit more power.

As we anxiously await the official world premiere of the Ferrari 458 Spider in less than a week in Frankfurt, we still have the standard Ferrari 458 Italia to keep us entertained. This 458 Italia, however, is far from just any old Italia as it has received a chrome wrap and ECU revamp from Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping. In an attempt to make the classic Italian supercar look even better, Cam Shaft has given the 458 Italia a nice little makeover.

Cam Shaft

The roof, side skirts and front and rear aerodynamic parts (including diffuser) have all been wrapped in a chrome-ish film. The German's have also smoked-out the 458 Italia's lights, giving the car a mean gaze. The brake discs have been covered in black lacquer which makes the yellow brake calipers even more noticeable. They have also jacked up the power a notch by using a Wimmer Rennsporttechnik ECU revamp kit. Current output for Cam Shaft's 458 Italia has been measured at 588hp and 415lb-ft of torque. In comparison, the stock Ferrari 458 Italia puts out 570hp.

Cam Shaft Premium Wrapping's Ferrari 458 Italia is available now and prices at €2,999 for the engine software kit.

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