Camaro Bumblebee Transforms into Limo

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Camaro Transformers Special Edition in SS guise has been stretched and given a psychedelic Transformer-themed interior.

Not your typical Autobot transformation, this Bumblebee Camaro has instead been transmogrified from a fifth-generation Transformers Special Edition into a stretched limo by Australian outfit ShowTime Limos. The last stretched Camaro we saw was a 2011 Stealth Black Custom Camaro Limousine that was selling on eBay for $30k. In similar fashion, the Bumblebee Camaro Limo has been tugged at both ends and been awarded with a spectacular cabin.

The oddly proportioned muscle car has gained plenty of length and weight, giving GM's 6.2-liter V8, which sends 426 horsepower to the rear wheels, a lot more to do. The quick and nimble Bumblebee has thus been transformed into a slow and cumbersome banana boat designed to chauffeur teenagers to proms in cartoon style.

The Transformers theme is most evident inside. Open the front scissor-doors or rear gullwing-style doors and an elongated cabin awaits, complete with circuit-board motifs and Bumblebee's head that can be removed from its display case and worn by passengers wanting to impress their dates.

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