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Camaro, Corvette And Cadillac Owners Should Read This

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GM recalls four of its hottest models.

As far as recalls go, this latest from General Motors is hardly the largest we've seen. But it covers some of our favorite models.

The notice goes out to owners of the Chevy Camaro and Corvette and Cadillac ATS and CTS – 26,772 of them, to be specific, in the United States, from the 2016 through 2018 model years. They're being called in to address a problem with their power steering systems, without which they'll still drive just fine at speed, but require more effort than usual to steer at lower velocities.

Save for the Corvette (which rides on its own platform), these models are all based on GM's critically acclaimed rear-drive Alpha architecture – the same that will now underpin the new Cadillac CT5 sedan that's set to replace the outgoing CTS. And shared platforms also tend to mean other shared components as well: in this case the power-steering assembly, furnished to General Motors by German mega-supplier Bosch.

Fixing the problem will necessitate replacing the power-steering gear assembly, which dealers will begin performing later this month once the necessary components are available.

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The relatively modest scope of the recall comes as little surprise given the comparatively small numbers in which these models typically sell. Of the nearly 3 million vehicles that GM sold in the United States last year, the ATS accounted for 10,859 units, the CTS another 11,219, the Corvette a total of 18,791, and the Camaro (with the lowest entry price of the four) a more impressive 50,963. That amounts to 91,832 units combined in 2018 – a far cry from more prolific models like the Chevy Silverado (with 585,581 sold here last year), its twin GMC Sierra (219,554), or the Chevy Equinox crossover (332,618).