Camaro Goes Old School with Lingenfelter

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Is Chevy's retro Camaro not retro enough for your taste? Lingenfelter takes it back to 1969 with this custom body kit.

The latest Chevrolet Camaro owes much of its popularity to its retro appeal, but Lingenfelter Performance Engineering thinks it can go even more retro. To that effect, the Chevy tuning specialist has launched a brand-new "Retrokit" to take its design back even closer to its roots. The Retrokit harkens back aesthetically to the classic 1969 model and comes in two styles: base and RS. Both include new front fascias with lower spoilers, chrome bumpers, grille assembly with SS badging, two headlight and lower running light assemblies and more.

The main difference between the kits lie in the headlights; the RS gets a pair of hideaway lamps while the non-RS makes do without. Lingenfelter has priced the base kit at $6,850 and the RS kit at $8,150. For installation and painting, the Indiana-based firm charges $8,550 and $9,750, respectively.

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