Camaro Spyshots May Be Signs Of An Upcoming Z/28 Model

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Could GM really be working on something more hardcore than the ZL1 1LE?

Before Chevrolet gave us the wonderfully insane Camaro ZL1 1LE, there was some speculation that the most hardcore test mules for the Camaro would end up reviving the Z/28 name. After the 1LE was released, we thought that it would easily be the most extreme flagship version of the Camaro. However, it seems like the rumors of the Z/28 haven't died off just yet and some spyshots posted by Deviate Motoring on Facebook may help keep the rumor mill turning. This test mule could end up being a development car for the new Camaro Z/28.

At first glance, this test car appears to be a ZL1 1LE , but without the massive rear wing. Upon further inspection, it's clear that this development car is fitted with carbon ceramic brakes, something that the 1LE does not have. This may end up being GM testing carbon ceramic brakes as an option for the 1LE, but there is reason to think that it could be much more. For starters, the headlights appear to be from the base Camaro, not upgraded ZL1 units with LED running lights. This is something that separated the ZL1 and Z/28 in the previous generation. The previous generation ZL1 used halo headlights whereas the Z/28 used more basic halogen lights.

GM also has some room to improve the Camaro's power by dropping in the new LT5 V8 from the C7 ZR1 Corvette. The 1LE already has weight reduction over the standard ZL1, but the Z/28 could focus on even further weight reduction in pursuit of faster lap times. We'll have to wait and see what GM has in store for the Camaro, but our guess is that ZL1 1LE won't be the top dog Camaro for much longer.

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