Camaro Still Outselling the Mustang

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That is, until the new Mustang arrives.

The Chevrolet Camaro has been outselling the Ford Mustang for some time now, but the latest sales figures are still quite something. In fact, the Camaro has outsold the Mustang for the past four months. Just last month, for example, a total of 9,961 Camaros were sold, compared to 6,564 Mustangs. So far this year, a total of 56,633 Camaros were sold, a 12 percent gain over sales from last year at this time. Yes, we all know the all-new 2015 Mustang is just around the corner, no doubt a major factor for the outgoing Mustang's slower sales.

Still, Ford is offering some mighty nice incentives right now for the 2014 Mustang, but not everyone is taking the bait. Meanwhile, a total of 4,294 Dodge Challengers were sold in July. Next year at this time, however, it'll be interesting to see if the Camaro-Mustang sales numbers are reversed. After all, the current Camaro will seem out of date (because it is) compared to latest Mustang. But in 2016, an all-new Camaro will arrive on the scene. The pony car war isn't dying anytime soon.

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