Camaro Tron Edition by SS Customs

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Sci-Fi-inspired body-wrap and twin-turbochargers give the Camaro an unforgettable look and 750 horsepower to play with.

The Gold Rush Rally is part car show, part exotic supercar rally that will take place across the US from June 8-15. One of the cars set to light up the event is this turbocharged Chevy Camaro that was given a Tron-inspired body wrap by Team Turbo Legacy. The knifeless tape in a shade of Brushed Blue Steel comes courtesy of 3M Commercial Graphics, while the huge front spoiler and red headlights add to the muscle car's already imposing looks that will surely grab some geek attention.

Distinctive exterior aside, the Camaro also received a performance upgrade including the addition of a pair of turbochargers to the 6.2-liter V8 helping to crank up output from 426 to 750 horsepower. As it makes its way across San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, Dallas, Memphis, St. Louis and Chicago during the Gold Rush Rally, the Tron Camaro is sure to turn heads. Good luck keeping up if you happen to spot it.

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