Cameron Diaz Spread Eagles a Ferrari California

Prancing Horse is apparently totally cool with this and so are men with eyeballs.

Critics may be panning Ridley Scott’s latest creation “The Counselor,” but it appears the movie has at least one fan. There’s been plenty of tittle-tattle regarding Cameron Diaz’s X-rated romp with a Ferrari California, and having been questioned about the sexy scene, the men from Maranello diplomatically answered: “We were indeed aware of the Ferrari California’s presence in the film, a star among the stars of this talented cast.”

Playing a former stripper, Diaz gets down and dirty with the California’s hood and windshield, while her partner played by Javier Bardem struggles to control his excitement. Can't say we blame him. Having written that sentence, it seems inconceivable such a movie would be slammed. A Bentley also features in the flick, although Diaz doesn’t try to have sex with it. She does, however, share a bed with Penelope Cruz. Clearly your next course of action should be to book tickets for tonight's viewing.

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