Camo-Clad Audi A6 e-tron Is Coming Very Soon

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Electric Avant or fastback? The choice is yours.

Audi just debuted the A6 Avant e-tron. Now, we've got exclusive spy shots of the sedan version: the Audi A6 e-tron in fastback from. For those of you unfamiliar, this is designed to slot into Audi's lineup just below the current e-tron GT and RS GT. Perhaps if you say e-tron three times Ferdinand Piech will rise from his grave and criticize you (he was really mean).

Based on the photos, this looks to us like the sister-car for the freshly-released (and drop-dead gorgeous) Avant e-tron. It's a safe bet the major differences will be related to the roofline. Already the rest of the car looks incredibly similar to that Avant concept we got a look at the other day.

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Audi says the Avant's wheelbase comes out to 196.6 inches long, and it's hard to imagine these two e-tron vehicles won't be sharing a wheelbase. Not only is it cheaper for Audi to produce, but it also keeps these new electric Audis nestled neatly under Audi's 7 cars, the A7, S7, and RS7.

So, we know where this car (and its Avant sibling) will live in Audi's lineup. But who's it for? Contrarians that refuse to bow to the mighty will of the SUV? Perhaps. Or perhaps the A6 e-tron is for the sleeper car lovers out there. Given the obvious visual similarities between this car and the Avant, it's safe to say the specs will be the same, with a 0-60 in under four seconds. Sleeper car indeed.

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While some visual cues are, er, visible underneath the camo, it's hard to say whether this e-tron model will lean more toward traditional Audi design or forge a path similar to that of the new Avant concept. Unfortunately, further specs information is still under wraps.

That said, given the pace at which Audi is cranking out models in the e-tron lineup, it likely won't be long before we're here to talk about more than just spy shots.

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