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Canadian trike company signs new deal with BMW to supply engines for the T-Rex and V13R.

BMW makes some of the best engines on the market, and you won't find them only in BMWs, either. When McLaren built the F1, it used a BMW V12. Wiesmann's retro sportscars pack BMW power, as did the Veritas RS III. Even the Gibbs Quadski amphibious vehicle uses a BMW engine. Of course Mini and Rolls-Royce use BMW engines, and so did Bentley and Range Rover for a time. Now we can add one more to the list: Campagna Motors. Never heard of Campagna? It's a small Canadian outfit located on Montreal's South Shore that builds trikes.

Its V13R uses a Harley-Davidson engine, and its T-Rex is powered by Kawasaki. But no more. Campagna just announced a new deal with BMW that will see the Bavarian automaker supply engines to the Canadian trike shop. Although the announcement did not specify which engines will power which vehicles, we can surmise that the deal revolves around BMW Motorrad bike engines, and not automotive ones. The swap should be simple enough for the V13R, for which Campagna was able to buy just the engines themselves from Harley-Davidson. Those being the Porsche-designed, water-cooled Revolition engine from the V-Rod series.

But for the T-Rex, Campagna has until now had to buy the engine Ninja ZX-14 superbikes from Kawasaki, take out the components it needed and sell the rest as spare parts. With a crate-engine deal from BMW, things should go that much more smoothly building a trike that has been on the market since the 1990s, and promises to soldier on for years to come. Having driven one recently, this writer opines that's no bad thing.

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