Can A Chevy Corvette Z06 Save This Crazy Human Cannonball?

Or will he fall to his death in hilarious circumstances?

Did you know there’s a Chevrolet Mexico YouTube channel? Well, now you do, and as you will see it’s nuts. The main aim of the following video is to promote the Corvette Z06 - and it involves a human cannonball. Creatively blending man and machine, the basic premise of the stunt is to see whether the Z06 can get to the trigger for the safety net before the guy crashes to his death. Yep, there is no net when the stuntman gets shot from the cannon.

Using the muscle car’s PDR (Performance Data Recorder), the Chevy team is able to precisely measure distances and speed to ensure a successful stunt come showtime. But even with all the preparation in the world, sometimes stunts go wrong. So, did Chevy pull off this crazy stunt?

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