Can A Focus RS-Powered Zenos E10 R Be A Match For The Ariel Atom?

The brand's teasing an even faster track car.

Open-roof track cars like the Ariel Atom and Caterham Seven arein a world of their own for enthusiasts that enjoy the performance of supercarsfor sports car money. Zenos may not have the brand recognition as the other open-daytrack automakers, but its latest vehicle will give the already insane ArielAtom a run for its money. The Zenos E10 R is rumored to gain the ferocious 2.3-literEcoboost engine out of the Ford Focus RS, which is good for at least 350 hp.

The teaser photos that Zenos released didn’t reveal a lotabout the high-performance vehicle, but shows us that the track car will have aset of OZ Ultraleggera forged alloy wheels and a host of carbon fiber components,which points at weight savings as a priority. While the rumored engine is fromthe Focus RS, it would give the Zenos E10 R a power-to-weight ratio in excessof 500 hp per ton, which is proper supercar territory.

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