Can A Jeep Cross An Olympic White Water Rafting Course?


White water rafting mode isn't advertised on the list of features.

Those who know that the Jeep Renegade is a rebranded Fiat 500L probably question its off road abilities. Hell, anyone who actually looks at the mini-Jeep would be right to think that it isn't meant for much more than mall parking lots and the occasional rainy city street. But Jeep wants to make sure people know that the Renegade is actually the real deal. To prove it, Jeep is putting an Olympic athlete in an Olympic-standard white water rafting course to show that the Jeep has what it takes to hang with its big brothers and wade the waters.

This constitutes the first time that a vehicle has been allowed on a course like this, so add another point to the Jeep's list of abilities.

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