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Can A Lamborghini Huracan Keep Up With An Aventador SV On The Autobahn?

It’s Lambo’s baby against the bigger brother.

This isn’treally a race; it’s more of a friendly game of tag with extremelyexpensive supercars. YouTube user Thegermansupercars was driving onthe Autobahn in a Lamborhgini Huracan when an Aventador SV shows up. TheAutobahn is pretty busy, but that doesn’t stop these owners from trying to getaway from one another. And since the Autobhan has non-restricted areas, thisis legal, as well as entertaining. Obviously, the Aventador SV will be able to getaway from the Huracan, but by how much?

The Aventador SV’sV12 makes 750 hp, while the Huracan’s V10 produces 610 hp. Watch the videobelow to see how how big the 140-hp difference really is.

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