Can a Semi-Truck Jump Over a Speeding Lotus F1 Car?

You're about to find out.

This is one of those world-record setting stunts that’s not really necessary, but nevertheless is totally awesome. It’s insane and death-defying all at once. So why even bother trying? Just because. Today is the F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi, and to gather up some publicity, the Lotus F1 team joined forces with one of its sponsors, EMC, a cloud computing and data management company. The goal was to break the Guinness World Record for a tractor trailer jump.

And to make things just a bit more interesting, said tractor trailer leapt over a Lotus F1 car going at speed. The truck was driven by American stuntman Mike Ryan, and behind the wheel of the F1 car was fellow stunt driver Martin Ivanov. The truck flew a total of 87 feet and 7 inches from its launch point.

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