Can A Stock Ferrari FF Beat A 700-HP MTM-Tuned Audi RS6 On The Strip?


Of course it can.

Comparing stock to tuned cars is itself a questionable exercise, but this particular matchup is made even more unbalanced with one being a member of the supercar elite and the other a pawn in the VW Group empire. Nevertheless, here we are. A Ferrari FF with its glorious 661-hp V12 up against a Audi RS6 Avant tuned to deliver 700 horsepower by German tuning house MTM. GTBoard executed the race, meaning it was a rolling start, and as you'll see the FF eventually takes the lead and never looks back.

A better driver and superior gearbox probably helped the Shooting Brake take down the power wagon. It's not an exact science, but still a blast to watch these cars come up against each other like this.

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