Can A Tesla Model X Possibly Keep Up With A McLaren 650S?

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It already monstered an F430, but the McLaren is the real deal.

We know that the Tesla Model X is extremely fast. The electric SUV was easily able to defeat a Ferrari F430 in a simple drag race. However, that supercar is now two generations old so it was no surprise that it wasn't as fast as the Tesla. How does the Tesla fair against one of the fastest cars on the market, a McLaren 650S? The McLaren is actually down on power to the Tesla (641 compared to 762). However, the McLaren weighs only 3,236 lbs compared to the Tesla at over 5,000 lbs. It is impossible to think that the SUV could be nearly as fast.

Amazingly, the Tesla holds its own against the 650S. It doesn't win, but in one drag race, it is only one half of a second behind. The Tesla gets off the line really fast, but just can't keep up with the higher speeds of the McLaren. We would really love to the see the lighter Model S take on the McLaren. It would be very close.

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