Can An Aston Martin Be A Daily Driver When There's A Blizzard About?


The answer is pretty obvious.

Doug DeMuro has shown us some really funny adventures with very impractical cars. He has used a Ferrari as a daily driver, attempted to sell an R32 Nissan Skyline at CarMax, and even drove a Hummer H1 through a crowded city. Based on his car history, DeMuro doesn't exactly buy "normal" vehicles. His latest purchase is a used Aston Martin V8 Vantage with an unlimited mileage bumper-to-bumper warranty. He made sure to point that out in one of his videos about the car. The Aston has already broken down on him several times.

DeMuro's latest video shows him trying to use the Aston Martin in the snow. It seems that he is out to show that the V8 Vantage is the worst car in the world. Maybe DeMuro is a cynical person, but it seems like an Aston Martin is not a very good daily driver.

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