Race Track

Can Anything Beat The Sound Of An LFA Wailing Around The Track?

That shrieking V10 is absolutely bone shattering.

The LFA was a two-seat, front-engined supercar that was built by Lexus from 2010-2012. Just 500 LFAs were made and buyers were selectively chosen by Lexus for the privilege of owning this exquisite supercar. The LFA's party piece was its howling 4.8-liter V10 engine. This engine is nothing like anything else Lexus has ever made before or since, and is arguably one of the greatest sounding engines of all time. Jeremy Clarkson even declared the LFA was the best car that he had ever driven. How's that for high praise?

The LFA was not produced for long or in high quantities. That means that it is unlikely that you'll see one out and about. Fortunately, YouTube channel TheStraightPipes was able to catch an LFA in Canada going around the race track. Just sit back, relax, and turn up your speakers to hear that incredible V10 wail.

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