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Can Anything Stop Russia’s Amphibious All-Terrain Viking?

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Sorry Land Rover, sorry Mercedes G-Wagon 6x6, we’re taking this during the apocalypse.

Off-road vehicles come in multiple classes. First is the typical jumble of reliable terrain conquering machines like the Land Rover Range Rover and Toyota Land Cruiser. Next up are the trucks designed to reach places even more remote. These include the Mercedes G-Wagon 4x4 Squared and the G-Wagon 6x6. And then, you have the vehicles intended to survive anything, from all out war to a zombie apocalypse. This list is made of the Marauder, the Conquest Knight, and now, Russia's very own Viking 29031 ATV.

As you can see, there are few things in this world that can put a stop to this beast.

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To sweeten the deal, the Viking 29031 (maybe a more intimidating name would suit it better) doubles as an amphibious vehicle, traversing water even when loaded with a crew and gear. Despite its quirky looks, we like the idea of building a truck big enough to go anywhere, although we think monster trucks beat the Viking 29031 to the punch. However, the main difference between the two is that the Viking is a machine of war and as such, was shown off at Russia's Army 2016 expo in Moscow. Even though it was at a military expo, we think that the Viking is ill-suited for war due to its lack of armoring and fat tires that make for easy targets. Russian military will likely see the Viking only on rescue missions, but that doesn't make it any less badass.