Can Carbon Pro Make You A Fan Of This Mercedes?

Mercedes' little CUV gets a killer makeover kit.

Althoughit hasn't gotten too much love from any enthusiasts, the Mercedes-Benz GLA,that tiny crossover that looks like a jacked-up A-Class, may just have foundits savior. Its harshest critics might not be convinced, but a Russian outfitternamed Carbon Pro has just released images of its newest upgrade kit for theGLA. Sure, it may not turn it into an AMG GT, but some added snazzy elegancenever hurt anybody. Working with a GLA 200, Carbon Pro has added a host of newbody parts, all, as you can imagine, made of carbon fiber.

Of course, the upgrades are purely cosmetic, and include new carbonfiber side skirts, wing mirror caps, a carbon roof spoiler, new diffuser andrear window additions. Are these upgrades enough to make it any more favorableamongst its haters or turn it into a light, nimble sports car? Of course not.But they do help it stand apart in the crowd of jacked up hatchbacks we like tocall crossovers.

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