Drag Race

Can Corvette Girlfriend Show Her Man Who's Boss On The Drag Strip?

Did you really want to date a race partner or just a cheerleader?

Likemany car guys, the man behind the wheel of the BMW in this video must havealways dreamed of having a girlfriend who would support his passion andwouldn't give him too much crap when he spends his time drag racing with his buddies. But couldhe have gotten more than he bargained for? To find out, Corvette Girlfriendand BMW Boyfriend recently headed out to the Royal Purple Raceway to put theirrelationship to the drag race test, her in a 2005 Vette with exhaust tuneand ECU remap, him in a BMW 3 Series with cold air intake and ECU remap.

Following the race, the boyfriend pays due respect to his girl'sshifting abilities before promising more upcoming work on his car and aneventual rematch. Check out the video to see this couple drag:

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