Can Koenigsegg’s Supercars Keep Up With The Holy Trinity?


The automaker’s not impressed with the hypercars.

The Holy Trinity of hypercars—the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche918 Spyder and McLaren P1—have been getting a lot of attention by automotive journalistsrecently, like a lot of attention. It looks like Koenigsegg is getting a littlejealous of all the hype surrounding the Holy Trinity. It has just released somehard facts to prove that its supercars would absolutely destroy any one of thehypercars that have been getting slurped by automotive journos. In a blogpost on its website, Koenigsegg took the time to compare its vehicles againstthe much-hyped trio.

Koenigsegg’s post starts with a disclaimer that states braggingabout its supercars isn’t a polite thing to do, but that a comparison had to bedone since customers were writing directly to the automaker about it. In arecent drag race, we saw the Holy Trinity race to 186 mph,but Koenigsegg used the manufacturer-listed times for comparison. The 918 took 19.9seconds to get to 186 mph, 16.5 seconds for the P1 and 15 seconds for theLaFerrari. Koenigsegg pointed out that there’s video support to prove that theAgera R can make that sprint in 14.53 seconds, while the One:1 can do it in11.922 seconds. Koenigsegg even made a chart to displaythis information!

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The automaker definitely proved that its supercars arefaster, but the Holy Trinity are fast and special for a whole other reason: Theuse of a hybrid system. Before the aforementioned hypercars, hybrids were eco-friendlyvehicles. But the trio has taken something that’s supposed to be cuddly andfriendly and utilized it for performance. Everyone knows that Koenigseggs arefaster, crazier and more powerful than these supercars, but it’s time we saw ahead to head comparison.