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Can Lamborghini Really Build An SUV With The Performance Of A Supercar?

The automaker’s going to try.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has said a lot ofdifferent things about the automaker’s entry into the SUV market. He recently sat down with Business Insider to set the record straight on the brand’supcoming ultra-premium SUV: the Urus. When the SUV arrives in 2018 it willbring about major changes for the supercar brand. “It’s a major step forLamborghini because we are almost doubling the size of our company,” statedWinkelmann. Last year was the best year for the brand and a SUV would drastically increase sales.

Lamborghini is engineering the Urus to be unlike any other SUVon the road. “It will be the supercar among the SUVs,” stated Winkelmann. “Withthe Urus, it’s a car that can go fast, but it’s not designed with a focus onthe top speed or acceleration. It’s a car designed to be comfortable and be adaily driver with a cruising attitude.” This is a major deviation from the rest of Lamborghini's lineup, which is madness at its finest. Lastly, the CEO alluded tothe fact that upcoming Lamborghinis won’t utilize hybrid or electric technologyuntil batteries improve. “The power-to-weight balance is one of the keyelements for our cars,” said Winkelmann. “It’s not enough to go fast.” A useable SUV with supercar performance sounds like something worth waiting for.

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