Can Lotus Make Its American Comeback At This Price?

The Evora 400 is ready to roll. Here's what it'll cost you.

After being forced out of our market in 2015due to various issues with the powers that control our roads, Lotus will beback in America for 2016 to battle with the power of its strongest competitors.Its weapon: the Evora 400, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Thecar, which has been improved in nearly every area, will be fighting some dauntingcompetition. So, how much will the comeback car that makes 400 horsepower and302 lb-ft of torque cost US consumers, and will that be tempting enough tokeep them out of Porsche dealerships?

The mid-engine Evora 400 will arrive at our shores witha price tag of $89,900 (before destination charges), taking a large leap up theprice ladder over the outgoing Evora S. This also puts it just in the middle ofPorsche's entry level 911s – the Carrera and Carrera S. More importantly, it ispriced just above the Cayman GT4, Porsche's 385-horsepower mid-engine beautythat closely rivals the Evora 400 in just about every category. As the mostpowerful and fastest accelerating Lotus ever to be built, the company hascertainly put a lot of work into this car. But will it sell?

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