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Can Motorcycle Makers Build Cooler Cars Than Real Car Companies?

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Or should they just stick to two wheels?

Motorcycle companies don't tend to build cars. KTM found success with the track-oriented X-Bow, and certain automakers like BMW and Honda have succeeded in building motorcycles and cars. Our friends at Jennings Harley Davidson, who are quite skilled with rendering art, imagined what it would look like if more automakers also built motorcycles. The group has now released a new batch of renders depicting what it would look like if motorcycle companies decided to branch out and build their own cars.

The first car comes from Italian motorbike manufacturer Aprilia, which started off building bicycles before moving into scooters and motorcycles. This little buggy looks like it would be perfect for some off-roading fun. Some motorcycle companies do branch out and build off-road toys, so this one seems like the most viable car of the bunch. The Ducati car looks reminiscent of the Ariel Atom, but a bit more comfortable. Ducati is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that is currently owned by Audi, so perhaps it could borrow some of Audi's car building expertise to bring this creation to life.

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The Harley-Davidson car is definitely the most unique car on the list. Harley-Davidson is an American company known for building comfortable cruising bikes. Jennings wanted the Harley to embrace its American roots, so this car looks like an old hot rod with some slick motorcycle side pipes. Our favorite rendering is the Kawasaki car. Kawasaki is a Japanese company that builds sport bikes for racing events like the MotoGP and Isle of Man TT. The Kawasaki car looks the most track-ready of the bunch with a supercar-style front end and large spoiler. We'd be happy to bring the Kawasaki to a track day.

Unlike the other motorcycle manufacturers on this list, Triumph is a British brand which used to build its own cars. Jennings designed a car called the Triumph Bonnie, named after the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where the company used to set land speed records. Like the Harley, the Triumph looks the most car-like. Finally, Vespa is known for building small, stylish scooters in Italy. The Vespa car was designed to be quirky, like its stylish scooters. That's why Jennings gave it a Volkswagen Beetle-style front end and Vespa's signature covered rear wheel well design.