Can Novitec's 850-HP Lamborghini Huracan Make You Forget About All-Wheel Drive?

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You can always have more power.

While the world has become consumed with the latest rear-wheel-drive Lamborghini Huracan, Novitec has been hard at work on finishing its supercharged version of the Italian supercar. The Huracan gets a N-Largo widebody kit that widens it by 4.7-inches, while the flared rear fenders give the impression that the supercar originally came with a wider track. Besides the new body kit, Novitec has fitted the 5.2-liter V10 with a supercharger for a total of 848 hp and 708 lb-ft of torque.

The Novitec Torado N-Largo can be ordered as a complete vehicle or be built upon an existing Huracan.

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With the performance upgrade, the Huracan goes from a baby supercar to a hypercar killer. The German tuner has also fitted the supercar with a variety of carbon fiber parts. To give the Huracan a slammed look and improve the supercar's handling, ride height has been lowered by 1.3-inches, while a height-adjustable coil-over suspension kit will be also be available. To increase the glorious sound from the revised V10, Novitec has fitted the Huracan with a high-performance exhaust system that is available in two lightweight versions with one utilizing Inconel, which is the same material used in Formula One. Novitec didn't forget about the Huracan's interior and can fit the supercar with leather and Alcantara in any color your heart desires.

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