Can Sebastian Vettel Beat A Ferrari 488 Driving An Ambulance?

Did we mention the ambulance is driven by an F1 driver?

A Ferrari 488 GTB versus a three-ton ambulance sounds like the most unfair race in all of history. However, what if the ambulance was being driven by four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel? Shell is a sponsor for Vettel's team, Scuderia Ferrari. And the company thought it would be cool to show off how skilled Vettel is as a driver by staging this unique race. In this awesome test, the Ferrari is driven by Alex Knapton, who is an emergency service driver in the UK. Knapton will have access to 660 hp, while Vettel will only have around 116 horses.

Is this huge disadvantage enough to give the ambulance driver the edge over a four-time world champion racer? Ambulance drivers do have to get places quickly, so maybe the results will surprise us.

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