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Can’t Afford a Mint Ferrari Enzo? You Probably Can’t Afford This Damaged One Either

For Sale

But there is plenty of money to be made here.

We recently saw a rare black Ferrari Enzo for sale with a sticker price of $2.6 million. And someone almost certainly paid it. But how much interest will there be in this damaged example? Well, we think there should be plenty. Because while the repairs to the limited run supercar are estimated to cost the best part of $900,000, the current bid stands at $376,000 so there is plenty of profit to be made here.

As you can see, the supercar’s right side has been seriously damaged, including the rear wheel, suspension, undercarriage, side skirts, fenders and door. However, even if you sold it on for $2M, that’s still a sizeable chunk of change to be had. So if you’ve got a spare million lying about, here’s a chance to double up.

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