Can't Find a Charger Hellcat to Buy? Dodge Now Taking Orders for Charger SRT 392


It might not be as insanely fast, but you can actually buy one.

We all love Dodge's new SRT Hellcat line of vehicles, they're an amazing amount of horsepower for your dollar, they sound fantastic, and are more fun than anything else you can do while wearing pants. But they are also kind of rare, not Ferrari 250 GTO rare, but the demand unquestionably exceeds the supply. So what is a muscle sedan enthusiast to do if they can't find a Charger Hellcat? Well, here is the Charger SRT 392.

The 2015 392 model takes the place in the charger lineup of the current SRT8 model. Since it does occupy the same place in the lineup, the differences aren't all that dramatic, but it is more than a simple badging change. For starters, there's more power, 15 more horsepower and 5 more pounds feet of torque, bringing the totals up to 485 and 475 respectively. The looks have been tweaked a bit (and are quite good), and the price comes in at $47,385, noticeably a lot less than the Hellcat. There's launch control and an optional 19-speaker Harman-Kardon stereo. Very nice.

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Chrysler put out the following promotional video, which seems weirdly half-assed to say the least. The lack of exhaust note is especially puzzling, but it does look good, so there's that.