Can The 400- Horsepower Infiniti Q50 Match The Germans?


With a new engine, is the Q50 finally perfect?

When Infiniti first launched the Q50, it didn't set the automotive world on fire. The looks were pretty good but not great, the engine was carried over from the G37, and Infiniti continued to sell the G37 as the Q40 for another year. It shows how much faith the company had in the new car. Infiniti has finally given the Q50 some new engines that are not a decade old, and some people believe that this was the last piece the Q50 needed to be competitive. Now the Q50 is available with a 400-hp twin-turbo V6, but is it any good?

When Motor Trend's Jason Cammisa gets behind the wheel of the Q50 on the track, he finds that the awkward steer-by-wire system is not fit for track driving. However, since we doubt that many Q50 drivers will ever take their car to the track, Cammisa takes it on the road, where the car sends him a very mixed message.


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