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Can the Bentley Continental GT Speed Go 206 MPH?

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Time to put it to the test.

It's the flagship of the Bentley lineup, and it's ridiculously expensive. It's powered by a twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 engine that produces 626 horsepower and 607 lb-ft of torque. The Continental GT Speed is the fastest production car Bentley has ever made. What's more, Bentley claims it can reach a top speed of 206 mph. That's a mighty bold claim, and the guys at Autocar are more than willing to see if it's true.

Just to compare, the new GT Speed convertible can also break the 200 mph mark, with a claimed top speed of 203 mph. But for today, just the coupe is being tested. Can this heavy grand tourer deliver the performance its creators claim it can? Should Ferrari and, more pertinently, Aston Martin, go on the alert?

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