Can The BMW M4 GTS Repcapture The Magic Of The E46 M3 CSL?

BMW fans: cross your fingers.

There are plenty of cars out there that are great for the race track and still more that are a pleasure on the road. And then, there are those that can easily manage the best of those two worlds. Typical characteristics of these sorts of cars include rugged track ability, telepathic communication between machine and driver, and enough comfort for long road trips. These are what we call good driver's cars. As nice as it is to accept that the world of motoring is a diverse one, it’s also a competitive one and as a result, a winner must be chosen in this group.

While the term “driver’s car” is unquantifiable, Motor Trend’s annual Best Driver’s Car competition does a good job of analyzing the best contenders and finding a winner.

One of these contestants happens to be the BMW M4 GTS, and the fact that it was included in this test managed to pique our interest for a variety of reasons. First up is the fact that its rivals, the Mustang GT 350R, McLaren 570S, and Mercedes AMG GT S are cars we all know well. Perhaps it’s the M4 GTS’ rare nature (only 700 units will ever be made) that’s to blame, but not much is widely known about this car and its driving characteristics. What’s more is that, according to Jason Cammisa, the M4 has been knocked down a notch from the perch that the previous generation M3 coupe stood on, but the GTS may be able to recapture the spot. For the sake of maintaining BMW's dominance in the segment, let's hope so.

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