Can The Civic Type R Hunt Down The VW Golf R In A Drag Race?


Top Gear finds out if the new Type R can beat the old king on hot hatches.

The new Honda Civic Type R has definitely turned a few heads at the CarBuzz office. The 2.0-liter 306-horsepower turbocharged VTECH engine makes the new Civic not just a match for today's hot hatchbacks, but even a brand new BMW M3. Obviously with such tremendous performance the new Civic Type R can easily defeat the old king of hot hatchbacks, the Volkswagen Golf R, right? The Golf R is down on power to the Civic (290 hp to 306 hp). But the Golf R gets to 60 mph faster (4.9 seconds to the Civic's 5.7). Thank AWD for the fast time!

Despite the power disadvantage we bet that the VW will give the new Civic a run for its money. In a drag race, AWD and VW's quick DSG are hard to beat? Which one of these hot hatchbacks will be the winner?

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