Can The Focus RS Really Challenge The Mighty BMW M2?

Who would have thought a hatchback could take on a BMW M car?

The Ford Focus RS and BMW M2 are two of the most hyped cars of 2016. As such, we have seen tons of comparison tests on both the RS and the M2 to see how they stack up against their competitors. The M2 usually gets pitted against something from AMG while the Focus does battle against other hot hatchbacks from many manufacturers. Although the Focus RS and M2 are not really competitors, it's interesting to think that their performance specs are not too far apart. Both have been pitted against the A45 AMG so maybe they really are competitors.

The Focus RS costs just $35,000 while the M2 starts at $51,700. Although dealer markups on the Ford may narrow this gap. The M2 may carry the prestigious M badge, but can a lowly Ford manage to take it down?

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