Can The Jaguar XE Match Its Three Impressive German Rivals?

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Let's see if the plucky Brit can beat the well-established German sedans.

When Jaguar launched its new XE sedan, we instantly knew which car it was designed to compete against. The last time Jaguar took a shot at a 3 Series rival, it took shape as the X-Type, and it couldn't match the Germans. Now, Jaguar has even stiffer competition to worry about. Not only does the XE have to be as good as a BMW 3 Series, it also has to be better than the Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4. What better way to see how the Jaguar stacks up against the Germans than a comparison test with all four cars? Carwow held just such a comparison.

Carwow's Matt Watson goes on record to say that he is a bit biased towards the Jaguar, but can the brand-new British model possibly match its impressive German rivals?

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