Can The Most Powerful Lotus Ever Show Supercars How To Round A Corner?

Track Car

That weight loss regiment really pays off when it’s given a supercharged V6 to play with.

It took until this month for Lotus to become a Chinese company, and now that there's capital to back the storied badge, we can expect more of the lightweight sports cars to make an appearance at local tracks. One of these is the Evora GT430, the most powerful road car Lotus has ever built. It was unleashed onto roads around the world this past July and not wanting to waste any time, Carfection got to give the 430 horsepower machine a spin and tell us what it’s like.

First off, it’s important to get one thing out of the way: how to differentiate between the GT430 and GT430 Sport. That part is easy, just look at the rear wing. If there’s one there, it’s a GT430. If not, it’s the GT430 Sport (confusing since a wing typically makes a car more sporty, if anything only aesthetically).

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So how does either variant feel when pushed to the limit on the track? Well, typical of Lotus, handling reigns supreme thanks to the lack of weight even though a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds means it’s quite the rocket in the straights. So is this really the perfect sports car? One that is so anorexic that it preserves the most pure driving experience but has the strength to hammered a driver's head into the headrest time and time again? For many, yes. For others, the GT430 is too aggressive looking. For that, there’s the GT430 Sport.