Can The New Lexus LC500 Possibly Live Up To The LFA Supercar?

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Keeping price in mind, the divide is not as big as you'd expect.

When the Lexus LFA was first revealed, it was criticized for being too expensive, too strange looking, and too slow for its price tag. However, as the years have passed, the LFA has gained legendary status thanks, in part, to glowing praise from Mr. Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson pronounced the LFA as the best car he has ever driven, which basically immortalized it in the eyes of many enthusiasts. Even Lexus itself has been unable to recapture the magic of the LFA supercar. However, with the new Lexus LC500, we think that the magic is back.

The LC500 is the current Lexus flagship, so it is interesting that we really haven't seen anyone compare it to the former one, the LFA. Australian outlet CarAdvice decided that it was time for someone to pit these two against each other to see if Lexus has finally been able to replicate what made the LFA so special.

The LC500 may not be in the same performance realm as the fire-breathing, V10 LFA, but it does come at a fraction of the price. Lexus only built 500 examples of the LFA, and prices have continued to go up. The LC500 represents a huge bargain with its sub-$100,000 price tag. It may not be able to match the wail of that glorious 5.2-liter V10, but the 5.0-liter V8 engine in the LC500 does capture the essence of what made the LFA great. No, the LC500 may not be as awe-inspiring as the LFA, but when you factor in how much it costs, it may actually be the better car. Lexus is even rumored to be working on a 600 horsepower F version, which could help the LC emerge from the LFA's shadow.

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