Can The RWD BMW M5 Hold Its Crown Against The AWD Benz E63 AMG S?

Are two wheels enough for twin-turbocharged V8s?

The old E60 BMW M5 was loved by auto enthusiasts, especially Jeremy Clarkson who once equated it to the Ferrari F430. Then the F10 came out and as hard as the M division tried, it couldn’t rid the comfort-oriented car of its porky curb weight and the numbing feel of fuel-saving electric steering. However, 560 horsepower is still 560 horsepower, but that doesn’t give it the crown by default, as the Mercedes E63 AMG has an extra 17 horsepower and is just as luxurious. So who wins?

Let the Vehicle Virgins find out by pulling off some not-so-virgin moves in each of the German (and potentially sandbagged) luxury monsters.

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